Stylist Renu Kashyap has been working in the fashion industry for over twelve years. With extensive editorial work, running fashion shows, international photo shoots, functioning as Fashion Editor of a major Dutch magazine, as well as giving her personal touch in celebrity styling. Renu has built up creatively rich and prolific career.

By establishing a base in Ibiza, Renu seeks to find the freedom and creativity felt on this beautiful island. From the inspiration of Ibiza’s spectacular nature to the electric energy of it’s people. It has been this love affair with this special place that has brought her back constantly over the last eight years and has really made it her home.


Bringing her own international influences and styling knowledge, Renu is now available as a Personal Stylist in Ibiza.

Providing personal shopping for special events, creating tailored looks for weddings and other important occasions, or just updating your wardrobe with some eclectic key pieces. Renu and her team are available to advise and inspire.

By handling the entire process from shopping to returning, tailoring, even having clothing exclusively shipped to the island, this personal styling experience will grant you the luxury to truly sit back, relax and enjoy as well as provide one of a kind select pieces to make you really stand out.The art of dressing well, be it for women or men, is something only a seasoned Personal Stylist knowledgeable of body types and personalities could have a unique influence to really identify what brings out the best in you.




“The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!”
Coco Chanel